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We are the National Fallen Heroes Memorial, Inc.—a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) Corporation established in 2006, to ensure that our US Military (Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force & Coast Guard) young men and women that have paid the Ultimate Sacrifice with their lives from Post Vietnam through current day conflicts are remembered with the honor & respect that they deserve now and not in several decades. 

We are working diligently to raise the funds needed to build the National Fallen Heroes Memorial, as this memorial will be funded 100% by public donations, we can all say Thank You for their selfless service and commitment to the people of the United States of America. With the showing of your support for our troops that had gave up everything to protect us with the very blanket of freedom that the American Flag represents, together we can make this memorial a rememberance to all of our Fallen Heroes and a tribute to our serving US Military.

A Message from President and Founder Deborah S. Higgins

My name is Debbie Higgins and I am the mother of LCpl. James W. Higgins Jr. USMC shot and killed in Iraq on July 27, 2006, at the age of 22 years old, just one week before coming home.

In James' last phone conversation with me, he expressed his desire to build a Memorial to honor service members who gave their lives in conflicts since the Vietnam War. Since James death, I feel honored to carry out his wish and raise funds to build the National Fallen Heroes Memorial.

I find it clear that after meeting so many military soldiers and Marines that they agree with my intentions to build this Memorial. Recently I spoke to a young soldier who served in the Iraq war. During our conversation, he spoke of the loss of a family member who served in WWII. Sadly, a memorial was built two generations later in which most of his family members had since passed away. He continued to say that since serving our country, he understands and appreciates the memorial's significance.

I hope that everyone can find it in their hearts to donate for the build of this memorial as our Fallen Heroes found it very easy to give up their lives for our freedom. Please click here for information on how to donate to this cause. Thank you for your support.

Above: Lance Cpl. James W. Higgins Jr. and his mother, Deborah S. Higgins, in December 2005. Last famly photo.

Right: Lance Cpl. James W. Higgins Jr. in Iraq 2006

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